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Atelier Palestra was founded in 2018 by Christina and Julie, two dedicated and knowledgable therapists in complimentary fields, who met while collaborating and treating wrestlers in Montreal. Armed with expertise and a common passion, the two united to create a space where they could teach and treat their athletes.


Derived from the ancient Greek and Roman term, a palestra is a wrestling school or gymnasium; an arena where knowledge is exchanged and crafts are honed. An atelier is a workshop or studio where artists gather to create. It is through these ideas that the name Atelier Palestra was born.

Atelier Palestra is more than just a clinic, it is a way of life. The team is dedicated to finding ways to optimize their clients' well-being, allowing them to uncover the healthiest, happiest, and highest functioning versions of themselves.


We take your well-being and our work to heart!

We are a group of therapists who  share a common curiosity and fascination for the human body and its functions. We have over 20 years of expertise in our fields. Having worked with professional sports teams (Montreal Impact soccer club, Les Canadiennes), with varsity sports teams (McGill Soccer team, Track and Field team, Basketball team, Volleyball team and Swim team), with National Sport Federations (Hockey Canada, Wrestling Canada, Canoe-Kayak Canada) and with several professional MMA and boxing athletes denotes the quality of our skills. 

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