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The Feldenkrais Method®

Through mindful movement and/or touch, it is possible to create a shift in the neurons, thus initiating significant long-term changes when healing an injury or helping with a neurological condition.

The lessons offered (group or individual) aim to make you aware of your habits, your neuromuscular rigidities, and to broaden your repertoire of movements, while improving your efficiency, balance, strength and flexibility.

Slowness is often used to help you identify where the extra stress is, and to notice the unnecessary effort you routinely put into a simple movement. The latter will then become more comfortable, graceful, and effortless.


Functional Integration®


Is a non-intrusive, hands-on approach of the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education.

Even though it is done through touch, we call these lessons rather than treatment as the intention is for the pupil to learn how to learn and to gain more autonomy. Lessons are done on a firm table for the nervous system to receive feedback and for the connections between body parts and transmission of gentle force not to be inhibited by a soft surface. Touch is gentle, informative, and teaches one to better manage pain are tap into their full potential.

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