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Alexandra Moisan

Alexandra is a physical therapist who's practice is focused in orthopaedic and pelvic health therapy. 

She has always been passionate about sports and athletics. Her interests in biomechanical analysis and the role of exercise in preventative medicine expanded during her years working as a ski instructor and flag football coach. These interests led her to pursue a Masters in physical therapy where she developed a deeper interest in orthopaedics and pelvic health. Since then she continues to pursue these interest through continuing education courses. 

She is passionate about decreasing the taboo surrounding pelvic health and helping her patients get back to sport and meaningful activities whether that be in an orthopaedic or pelvic health setting. Today she continues to enjoy being active through hiking, soccer and skiing. 

Certifications & Accomplishments

  • Mcgill honours B.SC Kinesiology 2016-2019 - Stage with the McGill office for students with disabilities

  • McGill M.Sc Physical Therapy 2019 - 2021 - Stages in pelvic health, orthopaedics, acute cardiorespiratory rehab and stroke rehab

  • Manual Therapy Level 1

  • Continuing education in pelvic health therapy including  female urinary incontinence, pregnancy and postpartum recovery, diastasis, pelvic pain conditions, prolapse and pessary fittings

  • Member of the Women's health division of the Canadian Physical Therapy association. 

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