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Christine Bouchard

Languages: French, a little english


I have been a paramedic for 20 years, having seen more of my share of extreme injuries. This has given me a very good understanding of the medical field. 

During these years, I also discovered traditional Chinese medicine, a holistic approach that I practice for 30 years now! I have had more than 2000 hours of additional continuing education hours to perfect my practice.


I am passionate about physical activities and I still practice jogging, swimming, tennis and even kite-surfing!


  • Collège de Rosemont : Licence in Acupuncture 1991

  • Fertility, gynecology and women health 2011

  • German Auriculo-medicine 2014

  • Treatment of pulmonary conditions 2014

  • Cranial Acupuncture (Parkinson, multiple-sclerosis) 2017

  • Sports Acupuncture / Synergy 2021

  • Acupuncture in treating side effects from chemotherapy in cancer treatment 2020

  • Neuro-muscular acupuncture 2022 - 2023



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